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Custom, professional, and creative online session guitar tracks for your music. Hello! I’m Jon, a London-based guitarist and one of the UK’s leading online session guitar track providers. With years of recording experience across most genres, I have hundreds of very happy clients, many of whom who continue to use me again and again for their guitar tracks. In addition to being very versatile and having the experience of countless recording sessions as a guitarist I’m also a producer and songwriter, so I can bring a high level of mix awareness and creativity to your guitar tracks where needed. I play electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass guitar, and currently the majority of my days are spent recording guitar tracks in the studio – different kinds of pop, rock, RnB, soul, funk, hip-hop, country, soundtrack work and even a little jazz. I do live work, session playing (both online guitar track recording and studio work), and write music with other musicians and for ads and online media. I’m increasingly also doing work as a record producer.

Beautiful arrangements. Immaculate recordings. Performed with passion and care.

Guitar track recording is what I love. I’m not often out on tour and this is important: playing other people’s guitar parts night after night for months can make you pretty stale. You become great at playing the music you’re touring, but it’s very repetitive. By working on a wide range of different music each week I find I’m often pushing my creativity, coming up with new ideas and refining my approach. A lot of my work is repeat business, so hopefully I’m doing something right.

I’m friendly and easy to work with, turnaround is fast, and I like to think that the quality of both the playing and recording is superb. I use top end instruments (including Fender, Gibson, Suhr, Martin), amps (Mesa Boogie, Engl, Kemper) and some great recording equipment (Neumann, Focusrite, DAV preamps), to provide a premium, high quality online session guitarist service at affordable rates.

I’m proud to use and grateful to have the support of these fantastic companies:

The GigRig
IK Multimedia
Effectrode Audiophile Pedals
Dunlop Manufacturing
Way Huge Electronics
Mono Cases
Elixir Strings

I’ve been working in professional recording studios since I was a teenager and thousands of tracks later I have the knowledge and technical experience to provide creative and beautifully recorded guitar tracks. I’ve a degree in music from APU in Cambridge where I studied composition and arrangement, jazz theory, and performance to Diploma level, so you can also be confident that I’ll be able to figure out whatever you throw at me from a musical perspective too!

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You can listen to some of my online session guitar tracks here.

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Elsewhere you’ll find example guitar recordings, information about my gear and studio, and my articles about gigs, sessions, equipment and other guitar-related stuff. There’s also background information on me and links to work I’ve done and people I play with, plus videos featuring my music, sound recording and foley work. If you need a session guitarist, a dep guitarist (including original artist or quality function), or you want to talk to me about music for a live or studio project, please drop me a line at