New York – Getting Lucky with Mick Guzauski and Tallia Storm

London session guitarist, in New York

I’m back from an exciting week in NYC with Tallia Storm where we played a series of intimate gigs and private events attended by celebrities and several of NYC’s top music industry executives. One of those times where you might prefer to know who you’re playing for AFTER you’ve done it! They all went well, and luckily I got some downtime most days to visit friends and explore NYC. I was staying in midtown Manhattan so not far from Broadway, famous now (in my eyes) for a couple of Homer Simpson impression-inducing delis. I can’t wait to go back just to get a sandwich…

I was playing a Taylor 714 rental from SIR, which frankly I didn’t want to give back. Fantastic guitar, if a little pricey here in the UK. I’ve decided that next time I’m in New York I’m going to make sure I always have a guitar with me, and basically get in and out of taxis with shades on. It makes me feel like I’m in a music video. Tallia of course needed no such cliches, she has that whole star quality thing going on (and actual fashion sense).

I also got to sit down with Mick Guzauski one evening. Mick mixed the new Daft Punk album (including Get Lucky), plus Mariah Carey, Prince, Michael Jackson and a whole bunch of other absolutely phenomenal-sounding records, including of course Miss Tallia Storm’s new material. He chatted patiently with me about my recording setup, we talked about plugins, outboard and mixing techniques, and he was the nicest guy. One of those people who is all about his craft. A total honour.

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