Jamiroquai and (a) seal

Bit late posting this but wow, what a varied week.

Had a great day in the studio with Tallia Storm and our new bass player Paul Turner, who’s played with so many great names it doesn’t bear thinking about. He’s Mister Soul and Funk, playing with Annie Lennox, George Michael, and of course as a longtime member of Jamiroquai (with a guitarist whose playing I hugely respect, Rob Harris). Paul has a great sense of rhythm and impeccable taste when it comes to note choices and fills. One of those guys who really adds a lot to whatever band or session he’s playing in – a great feel and bounce, and awesome tone. I felt like I could play back a bit and just sit in the groove he created – NICE. Everyone was loving the addition of bass to our little acoustic lineup. We had Tallia’s book launch event the next day and there played a little set including her new track Pop Girl – for this is used my Godin A6 Ultra hybrid acoustic guitar. Paul, Adam and I have also contributed our parts to the full studio recording of Pop Girl. Guitars, of course, recorded right here in the studio where I do all my online sessions. I can’t wait to hear how it comes out.

session guitar, online guitar tracks, Paul Turner, Jon Wright, Adam Falkner, Tallia Storm, Pop GirlEarlier in the week I had a gig aboard the Royal Scotsman with the missus where we were royally (see what I did there) looked after, plied with fine wines, Scotch, and good food before playing in the main carriage to a lively bunch of antique train enthusiasts. Or were they on a work jolly from the States? I can’t remember, we’ve done this gig a few times now. My old Martin J40 acoustic guitar is great on these gig due to its versatility, ease of playing and big rich tone. 

Live music on the Royal Scotsman, JavaDuo, Belmond trains, acoustic duo, acoustic guitar, sessions,

Unlike previous gigs when we’ve been picked up from Peterborough, played for an hour and then been deposited somewhere like Nene Valley, we were taken all the way to Scarborough, where we overnighted. In the morning I realised there was a bit of surf so got a few hours in the chilly sea (booties next time) and caught a few little waves. I wish every day could start like that. And I saw a seal, who popped up near me a hung around for a while. Beautiful.

surfing, scarborough, guitars, session tracks

Had a couple of interesting online guitar sessions during the week, and also heard the final mix of a track called Pinball from singer-songwriter-producer-label owner Aubrey Whitfield which I played some electric guitar and ebow stuff on. Love doing her stuff as she gives me a bit of license to be creative and really contribute. Whether it’s people working alone more than they used to I don’t know, but guitar tracks are still a great way of breaking out of the made-in-the-computer sound and bring a bit of a human, organic (whatever that means) vibe to songs. Aubrey is a great producer and hearing what she does to my guitar tracks is always fun, and I think she enjoys getting some interesting ideas and alternate textures from me. Have a listen to the mix of Pinball here:

Aubrey Whitfield - Pinball, guitar , recordings, session guitar tracks, online guitar sessions

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