Abandon Mute

I’m a member of Abandon Mute, an alternative rock band, with my three dear friends and insanely talented musicians Alex, Leo and Tiago. We have been described as like a combination of Incubus, Mew, Foo Fighters, Radiohead and Muse.

Our album ‘Curious Times’ was released in 2012 and is available at abandonmute.com. We are planning to release an EP towards the end of 2015.

I wrote some of the material on the album, produced it with the rest of the band and mixed it at my studio. I recorded the guitars and BVs at home, plus some of the lead vocal and bass tracks. The rest was recorded remotely by the guys in the band, over quite a long time period. The record is a blend of catchy pop melody and 21st century space-rock, with a progressive metal influence.

Although we’re on an indefinite break from gigging, we’re great friends and have made some of my favourite music!

Jon Wright with Abandon Mute at Curious Times album launch event in 2012

Abandon Mute at Curious Times album launch event in 2012, UK

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