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Online session guitar recording, UK session guitarist, guitar tracks

Big Sur, California

I work as a band member, accompanist, studio session guitarist, an online session guitarist and also sometimes as a dep guitar player. I perform around the world with a mixture of original rock, pop and soul artists plus covers and party bands, including corporate entertainment and weddings. I also write and record music for media – session guitar tracks, ads, TV idents, catalogue music and online media (clients include the BBC, Unilever, Pelipod). I offer an online session guitar recording service, providing high-quality, affordable session guitar tracks with fast turnaround. My clients can be from anywhere – I have clients in the USA, Russia, Australia, Italy, Asia and of course many in London and the UK. More info.

I’m proud to use and grateful to have the support of these great companies:

The GigRig
Effectrode Audiophile Pedals
Dunlop Manufacturing
Way Huge Electronics
Mono Cases

I also use Suhr, Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, LAG and Godin guitars, with Kemper, Engl, MESA Boogie and Effectrode valve amplification, GigRig custom switching and power supplies, Strymon, MXR, Diamond, Dinosaural and many other effects pedal makers, software guitar modelling plugins, and a range of customised pedals.

Current and recent work

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I have recording experience as a performer and as a producer/engineer. I have taught guitar and music theory at a London music academy, played in front of 10,000+ people on festival stages, performed in meeting rooms full of major record company executives, done themed and choreographed “audience interaction” shows in full make-up at the UK’s biggest theme park resort, recorded thousands of studio session guitar parts, played Bernstein with a symphony orchestra, been a member of alternative rock bands and jazz bands, and worked as a solo accompanist for vocalists. I’ve performed in London, New York, Madrid, Sydney, Geneva, Singapore, and I’ve played tiny venues in in Orpington and Maidstone. I have done artist showcases, toured internationally as vocal soloist in a chamber choir, played guitar in musicals and worked as assistant session engineer in a recording studio.


• BA (Hons) Music, Ruskin University
• Majored in performance, and focused on composition, arrangement, jazz, the creative process, electronic music, and generally writing as few essays as possible. That said my dissertation was “The Creative Process of Steve Vai”. I admit that I had a bit of a shred phase back then but I’m over it now (promise).
• At Ruskin the requirement was to reach Diploma level in guitar and about Grade 8 on voice, which I also did.
• Grade 8 Electric Guitar (distinction)
• Other things that aren’t really that interesting but that come in handy include having my theory down (Grade 5 Theory, jazz harmony) being able to read music, sight sing, and execute various other rock n roll skills…


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