Bespoke music for media

I work with design agencies, producer/animators, and directly with marketeers to provide striking original musical soundtracks. Previous clients include Unilever, the BBC and a number of pre-IPO tech companies.

If you’re looking for a unique piece of music for a video, a jingle for an advert, or an original music soundtrack for online media of any kind, I can help! As a guitarist I specialise in beautifully recorded real instruments and while I do sometimes use samples for things like drums and textures, my strength is really in making the most of the amazing range of music possible with the acoustic and electric guitar, ukelele, and mandolin.

Delicate, dreamy, ambient electric guitar. Optimistic, cheery acoustic folk sounds. Purposeful, driving pop rock. Tense, sinister metal. Whether it’s gentle, intimate and acoustic, or a full band sound with electronics and sound effects, the chances are that if it’s a guitar-centric idiom, the years of guitar sessions mean I probably know it inside out – if that’s what you’re after. With more open briefs, I have a quite an identifiable compositional style that leans towards the thoughtful and inspiring, with and emphasis on texture and melody.

The recordings will sound lovely but also have an appropriate sense of space. I try to take into account the ‘visual acoustic’ and the links between what we hear and what we see. I don’t create a literal link of big space=echoey, small space=dry/close, but I instinctively consider the visuals, the overall mood and aim of the piece and the sonic properties of the music involved.

I’ve become pretty good at interpreting abstract descriptions and translating them into cohesive musical events, while hitting markers and leaving room for the voiceover. I like identifying your structural cadences and reinforcing through appropriate, stylistically-pertinent musical devices and events. In short, I aim to take your objectives and good ideas, and create great-sounding music that fits your campaign perfectly.

I can also create and add sound effects to help bring onscreen action to life. I’m meticulous with the timing of this, and getting it right can add great depth and realism to the soundtrack. I’m reluctant to describe myself as a foley artist as what those guys do is incredible, but it’s that sort of thing – creating sounds that bring the visuals to light, as shown in the Pelipod video at the top of the page. Time code/SMPTE no problem.

I work quickly, offer very competitive prices, and and happy to provide exclusive, non-exclusive, limited or unlimited licenses to suit budget and uses.

To discuss a project, drop me a line at or with the form below: 


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