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2015 in review

Hello kind folk, I hope your 2016s are looking collectively magnificent, or at least better than 2015! Thank you for reading the blog again. 2015 was a pretty poor effort in terms of keeping up to date here so bear me with if this one turns into a bit of a session. A lot happened last year […]

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Jamiroquai and (a) seal

Bit late posting this but wow, what a varied week. Had a great day in the studio with Tallia Storm and our new bass player Paul Turner, who’s played with so many great names it doesn’t bear thinking about. He’s Mister Soul and Funk, playing with Annie Lennox, George Michael, and of course as a […]

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2014 – what happened there?

2014 has been a fun year here in the world of online guitar sessions. Here’s what was going to be a quick round up but has ended up being a sort of digest of my working year. Pimp my rig Fun stuff first – new guitars. The biggest, most inspiring thing as far as I’m concerned […]

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Radio 1 session with Tallia Storm

Some time ago I recorded a simple acoustic guitar track for a young singer. She had an incredible voice, the song was great, and while they were quite specific about what wanted they were happy with the track and I didn’t think much more about it until months later, when I got an email asking […]

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New York – Getting Lucky with Mick Guzauski and Tallia Storm

London session guitarist, in New York

I’m back from an exciting week in NYC with Tallia Storm where we played a series of intimate gigs and private events attended by celebrities and several of NYC’s top music industry executives. One of those times where you might prefer to know who you’re playing for AFTER you’ve done it! They all went well, and […]

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