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Jon Wright, music producer: working with artists

Following the releases of Liv Austen’s ‘A Moment Of Your Time’, Alexis Gerred’s debut album and Nielsen Reaveley’s ‘Cheer Up’ EP, I’m finding I’m currently doing about as much production work as guitar recording. All have had good receptions and led to approaches from other artists to work with them on their material. Working as […]

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It’s 2019, and the last blog was aaaages ago.

With the exception of my Instagram and to a less degree my Facebook page, I have been far less active online that I used to be – largely a result of being ever busier. It’s a shame from a self-promotion point of view, as much of the guitar and recording work I’ve been doing has […]

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Bespoke music for media

I work with design agencies, producer/animators, and directly with marketeers to provide striking original musical soundtracks. Previous clients include Unilever, the BBC and a number of pre-IPO tech companies. If you’re looking for a unique piece of music for a video, a jingle for an advert, or an original music soundtrack for online media of any kind, […]

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