Videos that I’m either in or provided the music for. For a wider range of music and playing styles please check out my online session example recordings.


Liv Austen – ‘The Next Time’ music video

Mixed by Ash Howes (One Direction, Dido, James Morrison, Plan B, Jack Savoretti, Thomas Rhett), I played electric and acoustic guitars and co-produced with Liv and Loft. I played some one-finger synth in the choruses and the gated, swelling intro sound underneath the rhythmic guitar is also guitar, through some delays, filters, and side-chained compression which I came up with when we were trying to make the start sound identifiable and atmospheric.


Liv Austen – ‘Miss Nobody’ studio sessions

Thanks Liv Austen for capturing this in the NUA label studios: classic middle 8 technique of introducing a new guitar part to move things along. The guitar chain is a Japanese 52 RI Tele with a Kinman noiseless in the bridge and a Fralin in the neck, through the Kemper and direct to PT. I had to tune the E string up a half step as I needed that high D and the ’52 only has 21 frets! Recording wet with effects because you can’t trust engineers… (no, just liked the sound of the Kemper’s tape-style delay) #guitar #studio #recording #kemper #concentrationface


Unilever – Project Sunlight: The food fight that everyone gets

I was asked to provide music for this nice video, the brief being positive and uplifting without trivialising the subject matter. I used a guitar in Nashville tuning for the bright, clean opening, and my Gibson ES-335 through a Way Huge Supa Puss analogue delay for the atmospheric delayed melodic guitar (with real time knob twiddling for the oscillations effects). The piece switches between 6/8 and 4/4 which I really like. With the programmed drums and keys I wanted to add some dynamics and bit of authority which was perhaps lacking from the other content. Due to some sort of technical mishap while filming, the audio from the voice recording was poor quality so I did a bit of cleanup on that – there was so much noise on it though that I automated the VO level around the articulation throughout, and had to be pretty conservative with the mix. Music only mix can be heard here.


Pelipod – why wait?

I composed and recorded the music, which features my 1955 Gretsch ukelele and a Recording King acoustic guitar in open tuning. Yes, my rudimentary piano skills are on show too! The intended audience is apparently mainly mums and the brief was to keep it nice and homely, trustworthy and so on.  There was a fair bit of foley and sound sample work on this video too, and it moves through some nice phases.


Love in the 80’s – Jon Wright Kemper Profiler demo

Here’s a playing demo. I recently got hold of a Kemper Profiler amp which sounds fantastic. A pretty good way of evaluating a bit of new guitar gear is putting it straight to work on a session, and I thought it would be nice to make a quick pop-style demo video for the Kemper so, two birds, one stone – here’s my little 80s-90s-inspired guitar piece.


Session guitar tracks – how they can work in a mix and help an arrangement

This is a screencast from a nice pop/rock/gospel guitar recording session project where I run through a song showing electric and acoustic guitar tracks in isolation and in context. It covers some of the things you can do with a guitar arrangement both in terms of sonics (panning/EQ) and how parts can be structured to really make a song blossom. I recorded the guitar tracks for DreChords, a great songwriter/producer over in Philadelphia, used with his kind permission.


What is M2M? 

I again wrote the music to the animation and provided a small amount of foley work to help move the video along and keep it interesting. The brief was clean, uplifting and motivating (so of course, I got out the old fuzz pedal for this session). I also provided the client’s sound branding – here it’s reprised in the form of the little piano motif at the end. I also helped out with the voiceover recording and editing.


Unilever – Project Sunlight: Brighter teeth for a brighter future

This is a pretty simple piece, partly because it works for the subject’s gentle manner and the caring theme, and partly because I had very little time to do it! It’s the ES-355 again this time through an Effectrode Blackbird valve preamp, with the big reverb coming from good old Space Designer. The solo guitar mix is here.


Aubrey Whitfield – Every Cloud

I recorded the guitar tracks for this song while it was in demo form, it was developed and eventually mixed by Guy Katsav (The View, Laura Marling, Groove Armada, The Streets, Moby) and sounds very nice. Main arpeggios are ES-335, with some crunchy Telecaster work and believe it or not, a vintage Martin acoustic through an analogue delay pedal and electric guitar amp.


The Drama Dolls – I Want More

Spot of progressive pop-rock with The Drama Dolls. I love working on this stuff, Mike writes interesting songs and gives me a lot of license to add to the weirdness and the heaviness. This is one of several tracks we’ve done and they’re all quite different so check them out. The guitar tracks is littered with effects, both boutique analogue pedals and creative plugins.


Abandon Mute – These Days OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO 

I don’t have much to do with the actual video, except that I’m in it, jumping around and ‘acting’. I did play guitar on, produce, record and mix the track (along with the rest of the album). These are my three dear friends Alex, Tiago and Leo, some of the most talented people I’ve ever met. I still can’t believe we didn’t get signed and make a million dollars. The video was directed by Lee at Push The Button.


I Won’t Be Here – live in rehearsal 

Another with the AM boys, this was us filming on phones and recording a rehearsal via an 8-track Focusrite interface onto a  computer. It was in what felt like a old farm building, it was February, very cold and if I remember rightly everyone was a bit miserable. I’m posting this because a) it has some cool guitar effects at the start, which are completely live and come via a TC Electronic G-System with numerous delay, detune and harmony parameters controlled by two expression pedals (I had to concentrate, yes) b) because I wrote the song with Alex (who on this day was quite ill, bless him) and I like it, and c) it really is all live, with no overdubs.


MonkeySelfie – events band promo

This is my events band MonkeySelfie! Brilliant collection of some of the best musicians I know, the band plays a range of music from old school funk and soul to modern electro pop and rock. We play at corporate events and weddings around the south and beyond. I recorded and mixed the audio, including the little bumper at the start.







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