Online session band

I run the Online Session Band with a fantastic drummer and bassist. Together we have wide-ranging playing and recording credits from Amy MacDonald, Mark Owen, Dido, Babyshambles, Liv Austen, Shane Richie, Ben Haenow,  Tallia Storm, and many more. Extremely versatile, we can create great live studio band recordings for your songs! Please get in touch for more info. Please also see my page on my work as a producer, as this might also be of interest.

Online session band recording, live band tracks

The Online Session Band – Jon Wright, Adam Falkner, Tiago Dias

1 Comments on “Online session band”

  1. Hi,
    I have a song that’s currently in demo process and I would like you to make give it a more fuller sound as I feel there’s something incomplete. I’m not really in a huge hurry for it to be done as I’m a student with a lot of work. I would like to know what your rates are so I can arrange payment too please.

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