Bass tracks

In addition to guitar sessions, I can also record bass guitar tracks for your song online. I love playing bass (I even had a stint playing bass in a Darkness tribute band many moons ago) and have been recording bass on tracks for years. I use a really nice Tobias with active electronics that offers a great range of sounds, usually through the KPA which offers really natural tones that sit perfectly in the mix. Although I’m primarily a guitarist (who tend have a reputation for being rather busy when they play bass guitar), I’m also an arranger and I have a good understanding of how bass guitar can function in different mixes. Generally I’m more of a minimalist and focus on timing and feel. I can be quite inventive if needed and I’m as happy recording ‘statement’ basslines that pop out as I am playing subtle ‘you-only-notice-it-when-it’s-not-there’ type parts.

I particularly like driving, melodic bass playing in guitar-based pop and rock, but having a background in jazz means that I’m just as comfortable playing though changes, and I love playing deep RnB basslines. Whether it’s big fat subby low end, grinding riffs played with a pick, or bright, poppy snappiness, I’m comfortable with a wide range of styles. Nice electric bass parts can sound so much nicer than programmed parts, even if the actual part is similar. Subtle timing variations and alterations in dynamics can really help push or pull your track along in the right sections and I aim to elevate the song whatever I do.

Prices vary but I aim to be competitive and turn tracks around very quickly. I’m often able to offer discounts if I’m doing your guitar tracks, and this also has the added benefit of me already having an in-depth understanding of the arrangement. It’s one less set of uploads and downloads, one less payment to set up and one less person to deal with, and it’s quick and easy.

To hear my bass playing go to the Recordings page and have a listen to ‘Right From The Start’ and ‘Project Sunlight: Food Fight’, or watch the ‘Love In The 80s’ video above. Drop me a line at to discuss your track now!





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