As you know by now, I provide custom session guitar tracks for clients working in all sort of musical styles. I’m not sure whether this is a fair impression but there seems to be a huge number of guitarists who play mainly just blues or metal – that’s not the case here. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a bit of blues and it has had an influence on my playing as it does for most kids when they pick up the guitar. There’s a definite metal influence in SOME of my rock guitar playing too, but there’s so much more to be had from guitar that I’m a bit bemused that guitarists don’t more fully embrace the vast potential that the guitar has, particularly when recording. My Session Selection playlist has become a bit large and unwieldy so in an attempt to make it easier to find what you want I’ve put together genre-specific playlists. Above (and in the dropdown menu under Styles) are links to more information on how I approach recording guitar in these styles, along with a bunch of genre-specific musical examples.

It does feel a little long-winded going into such detail but I hope you find it useful. Having  a diverse musical history personally and having done a large number of sessions in all manner of genres is all well and good, but if you’re thinking about using my online service for your guitar tracks I hope this will help you easily find out what it is I can do for your music. Not much falls squarely into a single category and there is a lot of overlap so please forgive the loose labelling – it’s all just music and labelling it is both tough and often kind of pointless… Enjoy!

Pop guitar session examples
Some rock guitar tracks
Lovely acoustic guitar recordings

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