Want to learn guitar? Know your stuff but want to step it up a bit?
Guitar tuition from a knowledgeable and friendly guitar teacher can have a hugely positive impact on your playing. I know from my own education that if you click with another player you can really get your playing moving forwards – other players who love the guitar and want to share that passion.

I’ve taught privately for a number of years, including periods at Pembroke Music Academy in London and the Turkish Lycee in Cambridge, plus many private adult students, all with a wide range of abilities.

I’m now based in Hassocks which is between Brighton and Crawley and I teach guitar out of my private home studio. I’m happy to teach you as often or as infrequently as you like – whether you want to block book or just want to get together for a session now and again that’s fine. Email me at and we can see whether we can arrange something that works for you.

Along with the usual theoretical and technical stuff that you would expect there are some other areas that can help make you a better guitarist in the real world. If you want to sweep-pick that’s cool, but don’t just be an awesome sweeper with horrible tone and timing. Understanding how great guitar tone can be made should be a key part of any guitarist’s skill set! I can help you with getting the best out of your equipment and performing basic maintenance, give tips on every aspect of live playing and gig-getting, and work with you in a recording session environment where we create a track and record your playing, and pass on guitar-focused songwriting, recording and production advice.

If you’re in a band and want me to help you prepare for a recording session, or come up with creative and original guitar parts for gigs I can help make sure you walk into that studio or rehearsal room knowing what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it. Generally I won’t be thrusting pages of exercises at you – there is so much technical information available for free on the web and you can learn a lot of it by yourself. I can help you apply what you’re already learning though. Say you want to get to know the Lydian mode. We can map it out in a few different positions if you don’t already know them, make up and record our own backing track that that #4 is going to sound awesome over, jam away at it for a while and check out some other guitarists’ use of it at the same time. You’re going to end up recognising the sound of it, understanding what’s going on from a useful theoretical perspective, and hey, you’re also learning about recording, songwriting, programming and guitar tone at the same time!

Not everyone is looking for that, and if you’re a beginner or you’re looking to work on something specific we can work in a more traditional way. It’s all about what you want to achieve from your guitar lessons. Generally my approach to teaching adults is pretty informal and the onus is on you to develop your musicianship – if you just do an hour a week with me and nothing else I won’t teach you, because we won’t be progressing. Sure if you want to jam together that’s fine. However if you’re teaching yourself, the information I can give you will make a big difference to how quickly you progress.

I charge £30 per hour. That includes coffee or teas, use of gear, CDRs and I highly recommend recording the lesson if possible.


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