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Aubrey Whitfield

“Sounds GREAT!!! I love your skillset and ideas… I’ll definitely be hooking up with you again.” DreChords, Music Producer, Philadelphia

“These tracks are exactly what I was looking for! They fit perfectly with what I’m working with at the moment and you really nailed the tones I was looking for. Thanks for the great turnaround as well.” Daniel R, Music Producer, Devon

Online session guitarist recommendation, guitar track recording, session guitarist

“Just an update, had a listen in the studio just now – the tone is brilliant and very clean playing. I love the way you have made the track get bigger as it goes on though the song, I am never that brave. I think this will be a dream to mix now. You are a talented chap!!” Mike C, The Drama Dolls

 “SPOT ON! Love what you’ve done…..can’t ask for it better than that…Cheers Jon….” Avi S, Music Producer

session guitar track testimonial recommended. Top UK online session guitar tracks

“The guitars are perfect and you’ve really achieved what I’m after. It’s sounding like a big track and I look forward to putting vocals on it” Glenn G (UK RnB artist, pop/rock track)

“Thanks for doing this and for a great job. You’ll be pleased to hear that the album you kindly contributed to has just received an honorary gold disc from Universal Music” John Cavanagh, Universal Music Gold disc-winning singer/songwriter

“Jon has made an incredible difference to my songs. His ability on the guitar is second to none but he is also an excellent innovator and producer. He has brought my songs to life and I wouldn’t use any other guitarist on my tracks. He is professional from start to finish.” Aubrey Whitfield, 2ube Records

“Sounds awesome! Words cannot describe how spot-on it is. I’m putting your name on the CDs” David C (Green Day/Metallica full punk band recording)

“It’s quite a simple song so it doesn’t need much but I’ve always loved the way in which you seem to add another dimension to my songs when you play on them.” Aubrey W (Artist & label owner)

 “Perfect” Danielle C (composer, TV idents/soundtracks, Italy/UK)

“These are great – and thanks for the extras!” CallMeTheKidd

“The whole thing sounds fantastic now. Very exciting and cool to my ears. Couldn’t be happier.” Gary K (UK songwriter)

“I just wanted to say thank you again to you all. Hearing you perform my stuff was a great experience. You were all phenomenal. I will keep you informed about the progress of the movie.” Ulrich W (film soundtrack composer, client of the Online Session Band)

“It sounds great… I have a big smile on my face as I write this!” Dominic C, singer-songwriter

 “Hi Jon, it sounds good to me! Nice sound. Thanks for your quick and professional help!” Steve H (UK vocalist)

I have downloaded all the guitars with no problems at all! All I can say is WOW! They sound great and have amazing quality – all the ideas you have added work fantastically and it’s sounding amazing! By the way, loving the intro!!!)” Glenn G (UK RnB artist, acoustic/blues track)

“Just checked it out – sounding good I will be able to work with that! Awesome – thanks Jon!” Tom O (Music Producer, Australia)

“F****** genius mate!!!! This just put a massive smile on my face – sounds sick and has such a nice vibe to it…..I cant tell ya how much I especially love the pre-chorus… its proper funky and just sounds wicked!!!! Again wicked wicked job mate!” Nick D (Pop Idol)

“Jon is a top player; he’s very versatile and quickly understands what’s needed on any given track. He has good ideas and is a pleasure to work with but above all he always delivers what’s needed in the studio. A class act!

He has worked with a number of our artists in session and on tour and within all aspects of the service that Jon provides he is very understanding and likeable. But above all he is a fabulous musician, which is why we use him again and again.” Dom Rampello, Hiphop Village

“Jon has worked for me on several shows during the last year … he has proved to be a great asset showing versatility, excellent technique and a high level or professionalism … add this to his strong personality on stage and great performance skills and you have a musician who will be much in demand in years to come.” David Kettle, Show/Creative Director, Merlin Entertainment

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